"Playing with Corals 2024" officially kicks off in F. Magoodhoo

13 May 2024

"Playing with Corals 2024" and initiative towards climate action and marine awareness through football kicks off in F. Magoodhoo. 
With 200 kids, ages 10–14,representing all five islands of Faafu Atoll, this programme is an intiative by the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Inter Campus of Inter Milan Football Club. It is endorsed by the Ministry of Sports, Fitness, and Recreation and the Ministry of Education of Maldives.
The project aims to combine football training with marine conservation engaging with trainers and children through educational and invigorating activities whilst transferring principles of healthy living, environmental protection, and active efforts for reef preservation and rehabilitation. 
The project has a twofold objective and an innovative approach: marine conservation and restoration, instilling a virtuous culture of environmental care and a new awareness on the local natural resources, whilst also fostering a healthy lifestyle through sport and football. The sport is used as a leverage to achieve social goals  such as education and children personal development.
The expected outcome is to mitigate the effects of Climate Action (SDG13) and enhance the protection of Life Below Water (SDG14) together with the promotion of Education (SDG4), Gender Equality (SDG5) and Wellbeing (SDG3).
“Playing with Corals” would be the first project directly linking football with coral reef conservation. 
By the end of this program, which is carried out for 2 years, 8000 corals will be planted in different ares of the atoll.